Monday, May 15, 2017

a brace and some ice and REST!

  Hayden has been complaining about his knee hurting for a week or so.

Saturday, Layla decided to help him out by carrying him from the restaurant to the car.

 Today during school Hayden called me and he said he'd had enough.  

He was sick of hurting.

We've been keeping him still and as calm as possible, but it hasn't felt better. I knew it was time to have it checked.  We headed to urgent care and they did an ex-ray and it showed nothing broken.  Now we know for sure it is a ligament strain.  He has to wear a brace for 10 days and NO RUNNING.  Goodness, how in the world will we keep him calm?

We will ice every night and hope he is better with time and rest!


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