Saturday, July 1, 2017

Moving and Unpacking .... again!

I finished work mid-June and we packed and purged and packed and went to the water park.  That is about all we did.  I was ready to get us moved, but still want to make the beginning of summer fun for the munchkins.  

We didn't really unpack all that much in our rental house when we first moved back to Waco.  There were tons of boxes and totes we needed to move, but we also aquired  a little junk that we needed to go through. When you move a million times in 5 years you pretty much have the system down. ha!  I'm excited to get settled and unpacked in our new house.  The timing is perfect since I'm off work during the summer.  I feel like we have waited for this moment since we sold our house in Haslet.  It's time to unpack and settle in for the next chapter!

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