Saturday, January 13, 2018

Date night and a new place

I love being able to sneak away for a few hours with Gary to have dinner.

We have been wanting to try this new place in Waco, and Friday nights are perfect for date nights.

We sat at the bar for a drink and then headed to a table for dinner.  The bar was the best part in my opinion.  The drinks and chips were the highlight of my night.

I got some sort of beef fajita tacos drizzled with queso and it was only OK.  I was not impressed.  I usually love Mexican food, but this wasn't my favorite.  I think this is a good spot for drinks and then head to another venue for dinner time!

Gary said his food was pretty tasty.  He ordered one of their signature dishes and I think he's on to something.  They spend special time and attention on some things and I think that makes them better!

I've heard so many good things about Hecho and then to be disappointed bums me out.  I think my expectations were high from all the hype.  I will go back, but I just wanted to be blown away!  Haha!

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