Sunday, February 18, 2018

weekend fun

My iPhone broke last weekend and nothing could be done for it.

I haven't had bluetooth or Wifi since last Sunday so I called Apple and they told me to head to their store in Austin, so we did.  I made an appointment and they were so nice.  They replaced my phone and were wonderful to work with.

We had the best time exploring and playing!  We went to Apple, Lululemon, Brighton and Kendra Scott.  We explored the outdoor mall and it was awesome for Layla and I.  Gary and Hayden were there for the ride and I'll say they were great sports!

We'd been dying to try 600 degrees pizza place in Georgetown, so on the way back home we ate giant slices of pizza.  It was wonderful!

I loved my salad and cheeseburger pizza.

Hayden's piece was giant, but he finished it and was shocked he did.  His tummy was full for hours.

And of course we HAD to stop at Bucee's!

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