Monday, March 23, 2020

Our new normal

This is our first day of school picture!

Our district gave the kids an extra week of spring break while the teachers prepared lesson plans for online learning, so today was our first day.  Look at these kiddos.  They look ready to learn.

Hayden is easily distracted by his furry best friend, Whiskey.  She is a mess, but such a blessing right now during this quarantine. She steals socks and potties on the floor.  She tries to chew cords and really is a MESS!  We do love her so much though.

Selfie time.  Gangs all here!

Lily is gazing out the window, dreaming, like the rest of us.  Whiskey is taking a moment of reflection.  They are just so thankful their humans are all home and paying them so much attention.

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