Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall is here!

Helping mom plant mums in the yard.

Taking a 4 wheeler break.

Look...2 pumpkins!

Layla decided to check the pumpkins heart-beat with her new stethoscope.


Maddie and Kenzie's mom said...

That picture of her propped up on the pumpkin is SO CUTE!!!

She looks like more help than my 2...I found a stack of mulch inside the potting soil bag. They had to make a bed for the rolly polly they found!

Neese said...

Do you hire out Nevus to do yard work? I have lots of shrubs and plants in need of care..

Angie said...

Sure...I'll send her over, she'd love to help! After she saw me digging a hole she tried to do it herself! She'd be pretty handy :)