Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lazy Saturday

The weather outside is cold and rainy. I have been feeling icky...sinus troubles. We have been vegging out like crazy. The puppies are loving it! They have been snuggling with us too. Layla got a little stir-crazy this evening. She started running around the house like a wild child. She broke out the drum was great for me with the sinus pain and all! Gary was loving it except for he couldn't hear the football game. I think we have watched every game televised today...heehee! I guess we all need a lazy day now and then!
The Dora sofa is pretty comfy....Harley agrees!

Lazy boy~how can that be comfortable?

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The Zander Zoo said...

Angie! Your daughter is too cute!! Boy has she grown too! I will keep up with your family now too! Thanks to Hollie getting me started on this blog thing!! Take Care!