Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh my aching back!

100 days to go!!! This pregnancy has been different in several ways. I am happy to say I haven't gained as much weight this far only 7 pounds. When I was pregnant with Layla I was so hungry; I ate all the time. This time I'm just not so into food.

These back issues are wearing me out. My lower back just kills me. Morning, noon, or night. It isn't any particular time that is worse. It is predominately on my right side. I was hoping that at my last Dr's appointment Dr. Holmes would magically make it go away....nope! He just said rest and don't lift anything. He recommended a maternity belt to support my growing belly. Have any of you used one of these? The heating pad has become my new best friend. I found Layla lying on the the other day....she said her back was hurting...I guess I say that a lot!

Hayden is getting bigger everyday. He is so busy in my tummy, kicking and punching all the time. Despite the pain in my back I feel so blessed. I am happy to have such a wonderful husband (he has been vacuuming and cleaning for me) and loving daughter. She talks to Hayden and tickles him. She blessed him last night during her prayers...unpromted...she is a little sweetheart.


Vanessa said...

Oh, girl, I feel your pain. My back KILLED me when I was pregnant with Taylor. I think the more we have kiddos, the more our bodies wear down. :) I wore one of those belts almost every day and it really helped. Go get one! Hang in there...

Hollie said...

My back KILLED me the whole time with Kenzie too... My sweet dr. told me: "Well, you aren't getting any younger!" I think it is age on top of chasing around another kid! Good luck... getting closer!