Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update on MeMaw (Yvonne)

We were so happy after the heart testing last week. We were thankful that medication was going to fix Yvonne's weak heart. God had other plans for her. Sometime on last Friday she suffered a stroke. The doctor's seem optimistic, but it is hard for us to see her so different. The stroke effected her vision and swallowing. She (hopefully) should be able to re-learn to swallow with therapy. Therapists are working with her everyday. The vision is iffy...sometimes she can see great, and then other times she has to blink to see us clearly. She remembers us when we are with her, but sometimes forgets us when we leave the room. It has only been a few days so we are praying for whatever God has in his plan. She is 71 years old....survived a really bad car accident 3 years ago, she has broken each hip and had them fixed. We feel like she has made it though so much already....hopefully she can overcome this also. Gary and I just pray that she doesn't suffer, and right now she seems good, she isn't in pain, and she is in ICU getting the best care possible. We love you MeMaw!!!

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