Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Alexander!

On Saturday we went to Dallas to celebrate Alex's 5th Birthday. Jeannie did a wonderful job transforming her backyard into a carnival.

Birthday Boy

Layla is so silly, it took her forever to ask the clown for a balloon. She told Gary she didn't like the clown because he wasn't real. She also wouldn't get her face painted. Most of the girls were getting tiara's painted on their foreheads. Layla wasn't having any part of it. I guess she was having a shy day until the sugar kicked in.

Sweet Audrey
Funny faces!!! LK and Alex were so high on sugar.
They were cracking me up--posing like mad for the camera.

And loud....they were screaming.

Jeannie & I. My BFF....I love her!!

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