Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

I have never done this before, but heck it was a crazy week. So, remember the blog I have been following when I asked you all to pray for Stellan? Well, his mom does a weekly Not Me Monday blog here goes!

I did not mix up my husband and my daughter's lunches. She was not having a hot and spicy V8, brisket and salad with blue cheese and he was not having PB&J and grapes w/ a fruit chews snack. He did not open his lunch while attending a working lunch with 6 co-workers.

I did not push my daughters bicycle into the sheet rock of our garage while backing the SUV in, and I certainly didn't try to cover it up with toothpaste. heehee I'm embarrassed!! HA!!

1 comment:

Flores Family said...

that's to cute, glad none of it happened :o)