Sunday, May 31, 2009

Conversation with Layla

Gary got home from his 4 day trip to Boston, and we jumped in the car to grab a bite to eat. Layla was so excited about eating at a restaurant...she loves to eat out! We LOVE Posada's. It is our favorite! We were all buckled in and Dad asked Layla what she learned at church this morning. Her response..."I learned how to not obey your parents." Really?! I think she got her words a little confused! Our church is GREAT!

This chic can talk...

and talk

I barely get a word in edge wonder Hayden doesn't talk yet :)
Usually her conversations make sense. I just love this age, because she is trying to use larger words. It always amazes me ~ the little sponges kids are!

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Alli said...

Sounds just like my kids! Sammi is a BIG talker and Josh was late when it came to talking. We blamed it on her never giving him the chance. :)

I love Posados! I can get so sick from eating so much tortillas and butter there! You just made me very hungry...