Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We should get him more boy toys

But would he use them?
Hayden loves to use Layla's things.
I have posted about him sitting in her pink fluffy rocking chair.
He sits in her princess lawn chair in the back yard.
He mows the lawn with her pink lawn mower.
He loves her things. Heck if they were his, he probably wouldn't play with them.
The Dora couch is no exception! The kids love it, and Layla has enjoyed it since we purchased it 3 years ago for her 1st birthday.

Little stinker!!
She has grown so much.

Layla reading a book on the Dora couch
Hayden romping the Dora couch

Look...another Dora couch fan!

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Summer said...

Ok...the dog is cracking me up!!! hehe....

shortmama said...

Must be something about Dora!

Emily said...

I think it's the Dora couch. Jack's cousin has one and Jack just can't get enough of it either! ;)

Traci Michele said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like we have children the same age/sex!!

Our daughter (Riley) will be 3 Oct. 24th, and we have a son (Carson), who will be 9 months next week.

How old are your kids? I LOVE your names by the way. Kind along the same "type" that we names our children.

God Bless you my new friend!

Kelli said...

I love the picture of the dog! Jamison likes to play with Caleb's toys.

Heather said...

He's so cute! Emma plays with all of Andrew's star wars toys, I keep buying her girl toys! Why I don't know!! I bet Hayden will out grow it soon, I'm sure your husband will intervene!!

Brigetta Schwaiger said...

Love how everyone in the family is loving the Dora couch.

Kim said...

Too funny! My son (2 1/2) is the same way with his sisters (7) toys! He would rather upset her by wanting her stuff than to play with his own stuff! Ah, sibling love, ain't it great!

Love the dog picture too! Everyone loves Dora :)