Saturday, March 20, 2010

Touching down in San Fransisco

Of course...we endured airport drama...our flight was delayed about 2 hours.
We sat in DFW airport and had breakfast and chatted with Jarred and Shelby.

I was a bit nervous about the flight. I clearly need to get out and about a bit more than I do. I'm not a fan of the taking off. The landing I can deal with. The flight was so long...four hours. I was going nuts. I am used to chasing kids.
It was sort of nice though, to sit and not have someone tugging on my arm...Mommy do this, Mommy let's play! HA! Gary and I weren't used to having an uninterrupted conversation.

The landing made me a bit nervous because it was raining AND we couldn't see anything.
Finally, we could see through the clouds, and I thought we were about to
land in the water. If you have ever flown into San Fran it is right on the bay. I made it past without hyperventilating and we jumped off the plane and headed to rent a car.

Our plans changed with the weather.
We planned to go sight seeing when we arrived.
We were gonna head on into San Fran, but not in the rain. It was raining like mad! I was a bit upset...hoping it wouldn't rain the whole time! It didn't...yay!
We ended up in San Jose at a yummy restaurant.

We all ordered something different and shared food. The food was to die for :)
The guys talked me into trying raw oysters. Wow, that was a sight to see.
I am not a fan! I wish I could tell you how funny that was.
I am so embarrassed!

We sat in this fun private booth. It had a curtain, but we didn't close it.
We were really the only people in the place. Gary is sitting there checking out the menu.

You can see they have their St. Patrick's Day decor going on.

Love these people. I am so thankful for great friends!

Here is my happy, glad to be off the airplane, I am starving face :)

After our super yummy meal we headed to the hotel/resort.
It was so pretty! I was in love.

I'll post more soon!


ThinkFeminist said...

Following you from a late Friday Follow. Your blog is very informative. I look forward to reading more in the archives.

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Natalie of said...

what a fun trip!! delayed planes are the worst...once was traveling by myself with our sophia who was under a year at the time........sat on the plane delayed for an hour plus.. not fun. luckily she is freagin adorable...hehe. but when she tossed her book at the gentleman next to was bad..and lets just say it was thrown at a not good area...haha.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I looooovvvveee raw oysters. Yes, I'm crazy.

Mc Allen said...

aww, yaya. Im so glad you had a great time. I would love to fly into SF and see the bay!! I cant wait to hear more about your trip ;) xxoo LA

carissa said...

you are at my home! i'm from san fran and i adore it!!! the landing is always a bit scarry. hope you enjoy your time!

Kelli W said...

I am a really nervous flyer too! I think next time we go anywhere I am going to need some medicine:) That rest. looks so neat! Can't wait to here the rest of the story!

Kelli said...

Flying makes me nervous but I do it because I love going places. It looks like you guys jumped right into the fun and how nice that you all were able to be freeing. I'm excited to see more.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love SF!! Enjoy :)

VKT said...

I am with you on raw oysters....ewwwwwwwww. I hate to feel them slide down my throat! I love San Fransisco though. Glad you are having so much fun!

Emily said...

SF is such a fun city! What a great getaway!