Sunday, March 7, 2010

Layla is amazing with current technology.
She can use my iPod, cell phone, camera {my old point and shoot},
and get herself on to & off of the Internet. All pretty much by herself.

Kids just 'get it' at a young age these days. I want her to 'get it'.
I want her to absorb every bit of information that can help her learn, and soak it all in.
Heck, half of my family can't use our remote control...HA!

I took this picture of her looking at pictures on my iPod.

Everyday when she wakes up from her nap/rest time she comes into the office and sits with me.
We chat and catch up while she fully wakes up.
(It takes us a while to wake up around here.)

I enjoy those special times we share. Just the two of us.
Even if we are bonding over technology!

How do you feel about kids and phones, computers and iPods?

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Sheila said...

I think it's imperative for kids to keep up these days. They are surrounded by technology and if they can't keep pace, they'll lag behind. I've always advocating introducing technology at an early age! Good for you!

I've given you 2 awards. Stop by to check them out!

Kelli said...

I am amazed at how kids pick up on technology. Both of my kids can get on and off the computer (except now we need to really watch Caleb bc stupid people put viruses on kids' sites). It's important for them to learn because that's where are generation is right now. That is so sweet that you have bonding time.

Carrie said...

I love it! Alex and Emily get on the computer all the time...and I've only had to show them once or twice and they get it! Alex is already beyond me at this point! I think it's great...I just worry now what they can find on the internet...but right now, they know what sites are only allowed, but sometimes things come up!

Alex is already asking for his own ipod for his birhtday! ...sigh... he's getting to the point where toys are less and electronics are more! Cute picture and so fun to have that special bonding time!