Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Good Stuff

Tonight was one of those nights...it was simple but great.

I was in my kitchen, cooking a meal for my family, having a glass of vino. 

I am so happy to be cooking again and meal planning.  Summer time was just crazy and I wasn't in the meal planning mood.  I bought a bottle of wine at Aldi and was shocked that it's tasty. Good inexpensive wine makes me happy!

The windows were open and the sheer curtains were blowing in the breeze.  I could hear the kids giggling and laughing  and the dogs barking outside the kitchen window.  My iPod was on random and with great tunes blaring.  It was just one of those simple evenings I'll never forget.

The kitchen is my happy place.  I'm happy to be back in our school routine.  I love helping the kids with their homework.  I love having dinner ready when Gary gets home from work.  I'm a simple girl and clearly routine makes me super happy.

Tonight the song "The Good Stuff" came blaring through the speakers.  I got tears in my eyes while listening to it and quite honestly it shocked me.  But it made me realize that no matter what life throws at me I try to always remember the simple things...the good stuff.

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