Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soccer Sunday

Beware of the picture overload.

Today was the start of Fall soccer.  It was a fun afternoon of exciting games!

Layla wore her jersey from her soccer career in Texas to warm up.  We didn't have uniforms until right before the games, so we are more colorful than we normally will be.

I feel so bad for Layla.  About 5 minutes after the game started she got hit in the face with the ball. 

I could tell she was so upset.

I'm sure it hurt so bad.  Gary talked to her and made it all better!

After a few minutes of rest she was right back out there playing!

We're so proud of our girl.

Hayden had a great game today.

At one point during the game he ran up and told us how proud he was of himself!
It was the cutest thing ever.


He scored 2 goals for our team, and one goal for the opponents team.

He was trying to turn the ball around and it accidentally went into the goal.

He was so embarrassed, but it didn't phase him a bit.
He got right back out there and played some more!


We had a successful first day of games.  I know as the season goes on both kids will get better and better!  I love watching them play.  I think this will be an awesome fall season.

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