Wednesday, December 11, 2013

GingerBread Houses!

Back in November the kids made gingerbread houses at a workshop here in town.  It was so fun because we went to The Castle and the ladies had everything set up for us.  We paid a fee for each house and the kids got to build their houses and eat candy.

This is Layla's house:

I love the curvy Chex cereal sidewalk!

I also love the fire pit, and it's lit!

The side of the house features the dogs food and water bowls.  The dog is there also, but she's hard to see.  She's made of tootsie rolls.

Layla did a wonderful job and I barely helped her at all.

Here is Hayden's house:

I did have to help him a little more.  He needed it, but I tried to make him do as much as possible.

Hayden has a fire pit and a log pile!

He ate more marshmallows than he used on his house.

I will sign the kids up for the gingerbread workshop again next year.  I don't have the patience to build the houses here at home.  The lovely ladies of The Castle guided us and helped me so much.   I couldn't get the walls to stick and it made me crazy!  They also clean up everything!  It's win win and we have loved having the houses on display as Christmas decorations.

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