Sunday, December 8, 2013

our very own frosty the snowman

We got beautiful snow this weekend.  It was so amazing and the kids had a blast building a giant snowman with Gary!

Layla made tons of snow angels.

And of course I went into a picture taking craze.

Lily got all snow hyper.  She had a blast catching snowballs in her mouth.  She's a winter dog for sure.

The kids took building Frosty very seriously.

There I am...proof that I was there!

Look at the size of those snowballs.  I tried to help Gary lift one on top of the other and I couldn't.

That snowman had to be over 300 lbs.

Layla's face is so funny!

snowball eater....

Look, it's Frosty!

He's huge!!

Thanks dad for the amazing snowman!  We love him!!

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