Saturday, June 21, 2014

this is one for the memory book!

My lovely children decided to fight like cats and dogs earlier this week.  He was mad, she was crying and they were yelling ... he kicked her in the head and she smacked him.  #CALGONNNNNN!

So what did I do?  

I made them wear the 'Get-along' shirt.  I asked Hayden to go upstairs and get one of dad's shirts.  Then I made them squeeze into it together and stand there for a few minutes.  They were not very happy with me, but they did it and I really didn't hear to much from them the rest of the day.  It worked!!  

And thennnnn I said I was going to post a picture of them online.  
Layla was mortified, but one day she will look back and giggle.  Heeeheeeeheee!

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