Friday, December 5, 2014

learning, adjusting and learning some more!

School here in Georgia is very different than in Ohio.

We are all adjusting to not only an earlier school day, but different curriculum.

Hayden has a lot more homework than he did in Ohio.  He HAS to bring his reading book home every single day, but he forgets.  He has spelling tests and vocabulary tests and didn't bring home his spelling list, so that is fun.  Ugh!  It is all stuff he can totally handle, but it is very different and harder for now.  I think now that he understands what is expected of him he is better, but at first it was a challenge and we were all frustrated.

Layla seems to be adjusting just fine, but math is much more intense here.  She has some catching up to do.  For instance, she hasn't even started learning long division, and here in Georgia they are done with it.  She will be just fine, and we'll catch her up, but it's crazy how different states can be when it comes to learning.  

This picture of her is perfect.  She has a mouth full of chocolate.  In a groggy sleepy morning voice, talking with food in her mouth, she is telling me about how disappointed she is in the Advent calendar this year.  Apparently they didn't mix up the chocolate shapes.  There is basically a boot, a house and one other shape for each day.  Well, now I know.  Next year I will have to step it up and get a better calendar. :-)  

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