Wednesday, April 22, 2015

exercise and exploring

Yesterday my lovely Chef friend, Piper and I decided to go explore Kennesaw Mountain.  She has been multiple times, but I am still learning all about my surroundings in Georgia.  

I seriously discover a new restaurant or park every single day.  It's awesome here y'all!

  We hiked about a mile up a steep mountain and took in the gorgeous views all while getting in a good cardio workout. I was a little outta breath and my legs were feeling the burn!  

Part of the Civil War was fought in this area, so it's basically an outdoor museum.  Pretty cool huh?!

The weather was perfect and I loved being outside since it's been raining so much.   The park was busy and bustling; everyone was enjoying the sunshine.

After our 3 mile hike all together, we decicded to try a Colombian restaurant in Marietta square. 

I really enjoyed the tamale we split.  It had huge chunks of chicken and pork inside.  It wasn't shredded meat like you'd think and this tamale was totally different from any tamale I'd ever met.  It was steaming hot and the corn outer layer was absolutley mouthwatering---delish!  Sooooo then we needed to workout again.  hahahah! 

We had a fun day and I'm so thankful for my new friend!

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