Monday, April 20, 2015

top golf fun

Gary and I wanted to play golf today, but it's been so rainy and wet.  The courses would be so nasty!

Top Golf to the rescue!!  It was a new and fun experience for both of us.  It was so fun and it is dangerously about 20 miles from our house. We may wear out our welcome.  I was shocked by how much I enjoyed our date day!

It looks like virtual golf, but the tee-box is completely covered and the balls fly out into open air.  It's an awesome concept!  There are different holes labeled with different colors which make it easy for competition.  I loved it because there is a computer screen sorta like with bowling and when you hit the ball it displays how far you crush it.  We played several competitive games (who can get closest to the center of a particular color hole) and then we just hit the ball around.  Gary brought his own clubs, but I just used the free clubs they had there.  

All that swinging the club made is hungry and thirsty.  We had a very attentive waitress and she made sure we had plenty of food and drink.  We ordered this 'mushi' appetizer.  It was cute of course, but tasted fresh too.  We also indulged in a bloody Mary and it did not disappoint!

It was a fun day date and I can't wait to take the kiddos!  They were a little sad when they found out we went without them.  They love golf as much as we do!

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