Friday, June 5, 2015

let's camp!

We're camping for my birthday weekend! YAY!!

We arrived at the campsite this afternoon and had to get everything set up.  I love to feel at home right when I get there.  This is our first camping trip in a few years, so it took us a few extra minutes to get everything set up.  

Layla is making sure the hammock works ok! ;)

Hayden is making sure he'll fit on the jet ski daddy brought from work.  We love being able to try out new motorsports toys !

Gary said we look like Sanford and Son, but we have everything we need to camp, even though it's a little cluttered!

After we got everything just right we had dinner and then ventured out for a walk to explore the campgrounds alittle more.  What a great sunset view!!

I love all those characters behind me!  I'm excited for a fun weekend!

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