Thursday, June 11, 2015

this week in summer news

Our second week of summer has been very low key.  

After camping all weekend I needed some down time.  Hayden is having a pretty bad eczema outbreak right now, so he needed to rest.  The dogs were both exhausted and slept for a few days straight and mostly I needed some time to catch up on laundry!

It has been good to relax and veg out.  I was so lazy I didn't even make it to the grocery store.  We were eating whatever we could find here.  

I think Layla has ants in her pants.  She loves to go go go!  I know it's good for her to scale back her days a bit because we are so busy all school year long.  We headed to the grocery store today and I made a few other stops.  While heading to Hobby Lobby the kids saw a Fuddruckers.  They were dying to go eat a burger, but I said no way, not without dad.  Layla said, "If this place had a Whataburger it would be perfect!"  She is my daughter y'all!!  I miss Whataburger so much!  

While we were exploring Hobby Lobby the kids were loving all the home decor.  Hayden found a few manly items he wanted to put in his room and Layla had already redecorated her room walls in her mind.  HA!  Her second best quote of the day was, "I could buy everything in here!!"  See....she's mine!  Whataburger AND Hobby Lobby!!  

We ended the day with crispy tacos and building model cars.  The kids talked me into buying them each their own model car to build from Hobby Lobby.  I was thrilled to buy them because it seemed like something they could do over a period of a few days.  I like when they stay busy, but nope.  They were done tonight!  My fast little builders.  

Here's too keeping my little people busy for the rest of summer, or not.  I'm happy to relax and veg out because before long it'll be time for back to school!

Oh and P.S.  Layla reminded me frequently today that her bithday is in exactly one month!

One month until the big double digit day! #10

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Traci said...

Have you tried Rodan & Fields on Hayden? I ask because I've been using one of their lines & I really like it & I've seen a lot of people have success with their Soothe line on eczema.