Monday, March 21, 2016

getting settled

I'm in an unpacking FOG.  Gary started work last Monday.  Hayden started school last Monday.  Layla started school last Tuesday.  I will start looking for a job, but first I must get the house all settled.  It seems every time I turn around there is another room to unpack or another bill address to change.  

Moving is not easy.  It takes forever and it builds character.  I've been cranky, but I know there is an end in sight.  I feel like I'm about 80 years old, but once I start working out again I'll feel so much better.  I'm planning to run like Forrest Gump.  Running with music always makes me feel better about life!

I make it all sound terrible and boring, but we have had some fun too.  

 Saturday we went out to see Auntie and Donny Ray at Lake Waco.  They were doing a little camping and so we went out to explore.

Hayden climbed all in this cedar tree.  He's allergic and his allergies all all jacked up today.

It was so pretty and peaceful.  Hayden had fun skipping rocks.

On St. Patrick's Day we went out on the town for an adult night with friends.

We had tons of fun.  It was nice to have a few drinks and unwind a bit.

I ran into my old boss from years and years and years ago.  I may have squealed out loud when I saw her.  Or it might have been a scream or holler.  Gosh I was just so happy to see her.  She's an amazing person and I can't wait to reconnect with her now that I'm LIVING IN WACO AGAIN. WHAT?  YES, I AM!  It is finally sinking in that I moved back!

We ended the night with some hibachi and sushi.  It was a perfect night out with fun buddies.

Our puppies are loving the backyard.  They are always laying in the sunshine and rolling in the grass.  We have a pet door and Daisy has it down!  Lily, not so much.  She's fit before, but for some reason she doesn't like to come in the pet door.  She will bolt out of it but not in.  It's only been a week, so we'll give her more time!

Well ....  there is our weekly update getting settled in our new but old house in our new, but old town of Waco. We are blessed!

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