Sunday, February 12, 2017

SuperCross weekend!

 Hayden got a dirt bike for Christmas and he was obsessed with racing before, but now it's a much deeper love for him.  He was so excited for weeks and weeks knowing SuperCross was coming up and we were going to watch the races. 


I've always enjoyed the races and I pretty much married into it, but slowly I've grown to follow a few riders and enjoy watching the races.  I have to admit it gets my heart race pumping.  I do hate the feeling when I see riders crash, especially since I now have a little rider in the family.

We had a little down time before the races and we enjoyed catching up with our buddies.  Oh these guys and their love for bikes.  These two grown men have been riding bikes since they were our little boys ages.

Us girls are just along for the ride.  I like to pick a few riders and then check their Instagram profiles while the races are going.  It's fun to see who is out there riding and with all the social media these days I can see what kind of guys ride!  Ya...stalker huh?!?


At&t stadium is AMAZING!

 Since we made a weekend of it, the kids begged to pack their swim suits.  I just knew they wouldn't be able to swim, but who knows?!?  They stuck their feet in on Sunday morning and it was indeed cold!! 

We are thrilled to have SuperCross buddies and we are already planning our trip next year!

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