Sunday, January 27, 2019

 Layla's 8th grade cheer team competed in the NCA competition this weekend.

 It was a long and busy weekend of cheering and giggles.  I stayed in a room at the Omni hotel with LK and two other cheerleaders.  They went to be late and got up super early.

 Their routine was performed perfectly two days in a row.  They are so fun to watch!

 We got to Dallas Friday afternoon.  They practiced Friday afternoon and performed Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  The rest of the time was waiting and wondering and lots of bonding.

I'm thankful for a fun group of moms to hang out with!

Our girls got 12th place in our division.  The competition was tough!  They amaze me and I can't wait to see these girls head into high school cheer.  I know they will continue to grow as a team in the years to come!!

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