Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 25, 2008

Events leading to Hayden's Birthday:

Gary and I arrived at the hospital on Thursday night. We were admitted to a labor and delivery room at the new Andrews Women's Center @ Baylor All Saints. The hospital just opened in March, and it is super nice. The people are awesome. They must love to work in a totally new environment. All my nurses were super sweet and attentive.
After my arrival to the hospital we were in for a bit of a surprise. Mine and Hayden's heart rates were racing. That stressed out Angie, my 1st nurse for the night. With in a few minutes she had me on oxygen and lying on my left side. They weren't going to do anything until we were calm. Easy to say to me...I was scared to death. All was well within a few minutes and we were on the road to induction. They gave me the cervix softener around 8pm and we were just hanging out relaxing. I had a restless night of sleep and then woke up to receive pitocin at around 7am which got the whole labor thing underway. I was dilated 3cm by 10am and got my epidural!!! Yippee!! I had contractions all the night before, and had been having them for 2 weeks or so. I felt like I really didn't need the epidural yet, but was glad that I got it. It was pain free from that time on! Thank you whoever invented the epi!!! I progressed very well from 3cm to 8cm by noon, and then Hayden arrived at 1:02pm. I couldn't believe how fast it all went down! I was asked to push and wasn't sure if I was because I couldn't feel a thing. My epidural was great...I didn't realize I had legs....I had to touch them with my hand to feel them. Did I mention I liked it?
I am very blessed to have had such an easy time with a 9 pound baby. We stayed in the hospital until mid day Sunday and were so happy to be home Sunday night!

Screaming like mad!

Proud parents

Father and son...proud father!!

DeDe and Nevus with little Hayden.

Mom and Hayden

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