Friday, July 3, 2009

3 questions

Guess who we missed while he was away on a business trip?

Can you guess where he went? Hint the 'B' on HC's new cap!

Can you guess what I did when daddy got home?

I am loving my new haircut! It is great for summer time :)
Gary got home from Boston and we are so happy. He is here for the fabulous 4th of July activities we have planned. It is Hayden's 1st 4th of July...woohoo! Maybe he will walk this weekend...stay tuned.
I am about to make a new recipe I got from a fellow blogger...grape salad...yum. I hope it is as yummy and refreshing as it sounds.


Kelli said...

What a cute haircut. I'm glad your hubby is home with you so you can have fun on the 4th. Have a great weekend. Oh and I laughed out loud at the watermelon post!

Alli said...

I love your new "do"! And I'm jealous Gary went to Boston...I love that city!