Saturday, February 20, 2010

More coming this week...Gggrrrr

During the big snow event we recently had here in DFW we ventured out to get a pizza.
We could have had it delivered, but I was excited to see the scenery and so were the kids.
We we loaded up and saw the sights, luckily the roads hadn't had a chance to turn icy.


Hayden is obsessed with trains...when he sees one he points and screams choochoo!!

I took this one for him.
We were in a moving car, so these may not be the best, but anyway it was fun trying to capture pics of something so rare {snowintexas}

This one was taken at the pizza place in the drive-thru.
We sort of live off the beaten path, but our area is growing.
I am so excited to see the growth.


I guess I should just get happy about the white stuff.
Apparently we are getting more this week.


I am done with this winter weather.

The kids are happy though...Layla already has plans for the snowman she is planning to build.


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I hear you, I am so ready for spring too!!

Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday! Isn't it fun to get back in the mindset of our childhoods and remember and allow us to feel how we did on our adventures?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

I love that one of your labels is I am sick of winter- that is awesome! I hope spring comes for you soon!

Kelli W said...

The snow is so pretty! I really wish it would hang around our house some...but I also know that I would probably get sick of it pretty fast too! Especially if we were stuck at home because of it!

Emily said...

It is 60-something degrees here today and I am LOVING it!

Jocelyn said...

The snow is so pretty! But...I am ready for spring to be here!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want it past spring I want summer!

Janie B said...

I'm with Rita! Come on, Summer!

Carrie said... too! It's just starting to melt some and we may get more! It definitely is pretty :) Great pictures! have fun! Enjoy it while it's here :) Hope she gets that snowman!

LeAnna said...

Ugggh, I hope we don't get snow here! I'm ready for spring, too!

Unknown said...

I love these pics- we did not get any snow down here in Austin, so I had to live through all my friends pics up in DFW!!! Looks like it was so much fun!!


Summer said...

I'm a weirdo, because I could take 5 or 6 more months of cold and snow...haha. I just love cold weather!!! I know, I name is Summer...just doesn't seem right, does it? haha