Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yesterday was Hayden's 18 month well child exam. I told him all morning he was going to get shots, but nothing prepares them for the pain. Bless his little pumpkin pie heart!

He was so sweet and unsuspecting.

He flirted and laughed and played. The nurses just loved him, and then OUCHIE!!

He got four shots.

Poor Guy :(

Stickers made it a little better, but only a good nap helped the most!

OMG...could that face be any sadder??
Sad while heart is breaking.

Our little man is 29.8 pounds and is 34 inches tall.

His exam was great and we are glad that is over.


lsnellings said...

At least he got cool camo band aids too! Wow he is the size of my three year old!

VKT said...

Bless his precious little heart! He is so adorable. I love the band aid pic! He will too someday! lol

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

OMG, the picture of him sleeping with the sad face...I seriously could cry. Poor little baby.
I always cried when taking my kids for shots. One minute their fine, the next, watch out. A necessary evil for sure.

I hope his nap really helped and that he is feeling good today.

Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Awww! I hate when the kiddo's have to get shots! My kids always ask before we go "No needle shots?"

That picture in the carseat is just too adorable!

Anonymous said...

I hate taking my little guys for shots. It makes me want to cry too. That's such a cute picture! Bless his heart! I'm a new follower.

Kelli W said...

He does look so sad in that last picture! Eli had his shots this week too...and he was not happy about them! Eli is not quite 18 months and he was almost 32 pounds:)

Love from Texas said...

awwww... shot day always breaks my heart :( knox usually gets spoiled rotten those days!

Anonymous said...

Following back!! Thx!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! Don't you just love pictures of your children sleeping? They are so precious. Hope he rested well and is feeling better! Have a great weekend!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

ohhh look at his little pitiful face! :o( but he did get some cool camo band aids! those rock!!! we choose not to vax baby #4 or i've yet to deal w/that. that was the worst thing about the well check up visits! ugh!

Courtney said...

Rylee had her 18 month checkup yesterday too! She got 2 shots, broke my heart. But no more till she is 4! She was 25 lbs and 33 1/2 in long! Almost the same!

Unknown said...

Shots are no joke. They still hurt me now and I'm "none of your business years old." He does look like a cool little guy with his fab looking band aids.

Kelli said...

Poor little guy. They don't usually know what's coming until...bam. Love his sweet sleeping face.

Nishant said...

I love the band aid pic! He will too someday!
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