Sunday, February 7, 2010

gettin' ready for the big game

We live about 8 miles from the nearest grocery store. We don't live in the country by any means, but in a newly developed subdivision.
Hopefully, soon, we will have tons of stores around us. But for now we make the trip.

Anyway, about a mile from our house is a fresh fruit and veggie stand. I love it! It is so easy when you need a few things and don't want to hit the road to the grocery store.

Gary got all these things today for our SuperBowl festivities.
For $8.00!
I am making homemade pico de gallo, and so he grabbed a ton of tomatoes! Yippee :))


I was very impressed with the cilantro.
Usually, I get a teny tiny bunch at the store, and it is half brown.

This bunch was $1.00 and it is so pretty!

He snuck in an avocado. YUM!

My children 'hoover' avocados.

Our definition of hoover = eat so fast like a vacuum cleaner.

And peppers for quesadillas...pretty :)

Look at the size of this jalapeno...I laid it next to a regular dinner fork so you could get an idea of how large it is. That is gonna make some yummy pico, and maybe homemade salsa too.

I gotta get busy cooking and getting ready for the game!



Carrie said...

Those are beautiful! And they look yummy! I actually thought avocados looked gross...and just ate my first bite a few weekes ago...YUM! {No wonder Alex is a picky eater!} Enjoy the game...but I hope the Colts win! ;) haha!

LeAnna said...

I just made some fresh guac last night. Oh, it's so good. We eat avocados around here like crazy! They're packed with so much good stuff for ya!

schwadette said...

so jealous you can get FRESH from a stand veggies this time of year!! ENJOY!!!

Janie B said...

Love those side-of-the-road fruit and veggie stands! Makes me yearn for spring and our local Farmer's Market.

Cindy said...

Congrats. Game just got done.

Jami said...

I really enjoy your blog. And how jealous am I that you can get fresh produce in February! This is unheard of in Illinois! LOL
I have an award for you on my blog. :)

Kelli said...

Ooh, I'm sure you had some great are such a good cook. Wow, that is one big pepper. One day I will try and make guacamole.

Heather said...

YUM!!!!! So happy for you that your Saints won, 3rd favorite team right?! ;)

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

I love fruit & veggie stands! There's just nothing like tomatoes that haven't been sprayed to death. I hated tomatoes until I tasted a really fresh one. I LONG for an open air farmer's market here in Houston, like the one we had where I grew up in Oklahoma!
Don't worry, you'll get grocery stores soon. Sometimes the infrastructure comes much later. We lived in our "master planned" community for a year before we got a grocery store close!