Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All about Hayden

Hayden is 3 1/2 years old.  He is my sweet boy!  I love having a boy and a girl because they are so different and equally enjoyable to parent.  

This post is all about Hayden and what he is loving right now.

Hayden is all about monster trucks and rock n roll music.  He has a monster truck he got for Christmas and it plays a few guitar riffs.  He now associates monster trucks with rock n roll.  We were listening to Texas country and he said he didn't like our music.  He wanted to hear some rock n roll.

Hayden knows the names of monster trucks I didn't even know existed.  He loves to watch Monster Jam on TV.  I didn't even realize there is a whole monster truck racing series kinda like SuperCross motorcycle racing.  

Oh the things my kids teach me!

Hayden loves music.  He loves playing his "fake" guitar.  I seriously want to get him a drum set.  He loves to put on loud music and break dance.  He is so silly!  He is also a big wrestler. When Gary is sitting on the couch Hayden is begging to get rowdy.  He is such a BOY!

His last day of preschool was last Wednesday.  They measured him on the first day of school and he weighs the exact same, but he is 2 1/2 inches taller on the last day.  He writes his name when he wants to or when he is interested.  Every now and then he surprises us with his knowledge, but usually he is just laid back and doesn't ask for praise.  I am proud to say he can say the entire Lord's Prayer.

I love this picture of him getting measured in his pj's.  
He woke up and asked if he had gotten bigger overnight!

Hayden loves playing games on the iPhone.  I'm hoping we can trick him into learning this summer!  I'm going to get a few more good learning apps.

When we style Hayden's hair in the mornings he asks for motorcycle hair.  He wants the spiked look in the front.  If his hair is not styled he is wearing a ball cap.  He loves caps!

Hayden will not sleep in.  We usually put him to bed around 7:30 because he wakes up so early.  The little guy can wake up as early as 6:15 am.  We make him go back to bed until 7:00 am.  Oh how I wish my kids would sleep late, but so far neither one do.  They are both awake by 7:00 every day.

Hayden is usually a good eater.  We have a hard time getting him to eat veggies, but if you give him a steak he will eat the whole thing.  The boy loves meat.  He loves ribs, pork and chicken.  He likes eggs and cheese.  He will even 'take down' some cottage cheese.  If I could only get him to eat more veggies.  He loves chicken nuggets from Chic-fil-a but has to have ranch for dipping.  He also likes cheeseburgers.  His favorite drink is apple juice and smoothies.  Luckily he drinks tons of water.  He loves the stuff.  

If we ask Hayden what treat he wants he always asks for peach colored circus peanuts.  GAG!  He loves those things.  He calls them his favorite peanuts.  He also loves the candy airheads.  He loves Kiwi.  I wish you could hear him say Kiwi.  It's the cutest thing!

Hayden seems to be a born athlete.  It doesn't matter what ball you hand him he knows what to do with it.  He loves to play golf in the backyard.  He loves to throw a football and can hit a baseball.  He also loves to cast a fishing pole.  He suddenly thinks he is a trick rider when it comes to his four wheeler.  Our next task is to remove the training wheels from his bicycle.

Hayden asks almost every weekend to go camping or do another mud run. 
 The boy loves being outside!

His current career path...

a dirt bike rider, race car driver, a monster truck driver and a fire fighter in his spare time.

Hayden loves his sister.  He idolizes her.  They play so good together and thankfully she is a great influence on him.  

My sweet boy does have his share of temper fits.  He was mad at me on Saturday because I made him eat a peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich.

It is so hard for me to believe that in a few weeks he will be 4 years old.  Time has flown by and I have to say every stage of his life has gotten better.  He is a fun and energetic boy.  Each day is different and  usually I am laughing at his silly personality.  He says the craziest things.  I seriously need to glue a video camera to my arm.  I'm thankful for him and can't wait to see him grow into a bigger man!

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