Thursday, May 24, 2012

late night post

We took Hayden to the allergy and asthma doctor today.  I was shocked at the outcome of our visit.  After hearing all about Hayden's history the doctor was very adamant about her diagnosis:  Hayden has asthma.

 She gave us a very clear treatment plan and sent us the the lab for blood work.  They will test his blood to see if they can get any ideas of what allergies he has so we can keep him away from triggers that will cause asthma symptoms.  So there is that.  I'm still processing it all.  We will go back to get the results from the blood test in a few weeks.

Hayden was not a fan of getting his blood drawn.  He told Gary, "That man poked a hole in me and it hurt."  Hayden was a champ though.  He barely cried.  I was so proud of him.  He milked that 'holy' arm.  He wouldn't move it for hours.  He couldn't wait to get home to tell Layla all about it, but not before he talked us into a do-nut, Popsicle and lunch out.

Hayden told Layla, "Some man poked me in the arm and took my blood."  This was before Layla really understood what was going and where we had been while she was at school.  She eyed me with a shocked look.  I was giggling inside.  Kids are the reason rumors get started....haha!

Layla has 3 full days of school and 2 half days left as a first grader.  I am a tad bit jealous of all the people already out of school, but we have Monday off.  After Monday we are on the down-hill slide.  Summer is upon us and I am so excited about some fun things in store for us this summer!


the underhill's said...

Proud of you Hayden! You are such a tough little man! :) Where did you go after all?? I need to get tested :/ lots of <> to H!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

poor baby
what a trooper...
and here i'm worried about giving lily her first shot in the next yr haha
we've yet to vaccinate and are thinking of the polio

no way to prepare this girl...she fears EVERYTHING

Traci said...

Poor little Hayden! I had to laugh at the man poking a hole in him though!!!!