Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday night brain dump

Our town is getting a farmers market.  It will be open every Saturday starting this coming Saturday.  I am so excited to see what kinds of farm fresh goodies they have to offer.  Eeeeekkkk!  It's the little things that make me happy.

God is doing this funny thing in my life right now.  He is testing me and teaching me patience.  I am trying to see it as a learning experience, but it's hard.  I want answers NOW.  Don't we all love instant gratification?  

I am 3 pounds from my goal weight.  I have been working my hiney off to lose weight.  I am so happy with myself and really don't say this to brag, but I am doing it! I'm getting the pounds off.  If I can do it anyone can do it because I love food more than anyone!

Hayden calls police men "capricemen." It makes me laugh every time I heard it.

Daisy is not very happy about the bunny rabbit that has been hanging out in our backyard.  This business has been going on for several weeks.  The little dude squeezes between our wrought iron fence.  They often stare at one another through the fence.  I know the bunny comes in the yard to drink Daisy's water. Daisy will watch the bunny through the back door and bark and whine until one of us let her out to chase the bunny out of the yard.  It's quite dramatic.

The kids are gearing up for summer.  They ask me everyday if our community pool is open yet.  I can't believe that in several weeks we will have a 2nd grade girl and a Pre-K boy! Ohhhh time. STOP!

You know what makes me mad and isn't fair?  Hayden gets the slightest cold bug and he gets sick!  Layla had a cough and now Hayden has a cough.  His cough turns to wheezing in no time at all.  I just hate this for him.  It hurts his little chest when he coughs so hard.  Then he cries and makes the coughing worse.  If we take him to the doctor they prescribe a steroid.  I hate giving my kids drugs. I'm not against drugs and don't want to make this about medications, but steroids make him feel terrible.  Anyway, we are planning to take him to an allergy/asthma doctor.  I hope they can give us tips to help manage his issues.  I feel like we don't know what to do to avoid triggers.  Ya know?

I read 3 books in 7 days.  I really love to read, but since having the kids I haven't been making time for it.  I love getting into a book and forgetting my worries.  So, I plan to read more and more!  I want to be a better example for Layla and Hayden.  Hopefully they will read more than they already do if the see me reading more.

I am excited about Grey's Anatomy.  We are recording it right now and I am about to relax in front of the TV.  Hopefully it isn't super intense because lately it has been making my blood pressure rise.  I realize how silly that sounds. How does a TV show suck me in that way?  

Good night!


Red Stethoscope said...

Poor Hayden. Have the doctors run any tests to make sure he doesn't have any immune deficiencies? I think it's pretty normal for kids to get sick a lot, but if you think the frequency or intensity is more than normal, it's perfectly reasonable to ask for a blood test. Unfortunately, little boys tend to get more immune problems than little girls because a lot of them are X-linked recessive. Or, maybe Miss Layla just has a stronger immune system because she's older.

OK, I'm done writing the most boring medical comment in the history of the world! Watch the doctor just find out that he's allergic to grass or something! :/

(Which would still suck, but at least you'd know what to do!)

Katie said...

Poor Hayden! It's awful to see our little ones sick!

I'm like you with books. I realized our library has kindle/ebooks to check out so I've actually been reading more because it's easier to read in bed on the ipad than a book you turn pages in. I've read so many in the past couple weeks. I've got 3 more waiting on me but if I start a book I have a hard time stopping to do things like sleep.

I'm recording grey's as well and about to watch as soon as the littlest one is asleep.

Traci said...

I'm the same way with TV! Congrats on your weight loss! I know how awesome it feels! I LOVE to read!! I've read 49 so far this year. I have a goal of 100 which is why I'm keeping track. Which books did you read this week? I'm always looking for recommendations.

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

we had a bunny in our backyard....hubs saw it while mowing...said it was a tiny little sprig...sorry i missed it

as for hayden boo

as for school next fall...tell me about it...i'll have an 11th grader, 8th grader, 6th grader, pre k'er, 1.5 yr old and new baby
can you can whew!!! haha

i too love to read...i read every single day and the kids see it oldest and mini me take after me! i like how kate is getting of age to read the same books i's fun talking about them together!

Kelli said...

I'm so sorry about Hayden. Caleb has been battling like that too...and it comes on so fast, which is scary. I hope you get some answers and treatment to help him. I'm so excited you are so close to your goal...way to go!!! Yay for a Farmer's Market...I need to frequent mine this summer. What have you been reading?