Monday, August 6, 2012

Monster Jam weekend Getaway

We had an awesome weekend getaway with friends this past weekend.

Hayden really wanted to go see a Monster Jam show for his birthday.  There wasn't one close to us here in D/FW, so we hit the road to Cedar Park.

Road-trips are the BEST!

Monster Jam was one of the coolest things ever.  There were several different events during the show.  Each truck raced over a pile of old cars battling for who is best.  After that there was a donut contest and finally a freestyle contest.   Hayden had a permanent grin on his face the whole day!

I took this picture before the show started.  We were headed in to find our seats.  The national anthem was being played, so the kids had their hands on their hearts.

Thank the Lord for these ear protectors.  The giant monster trucks were so loud.  It was the loudest thing I'd ever heard.  I wore earplugs and it was still a little loud.

There were times during the show when I was nervous about safety, but I knew we'd be ok.  The donuts they did as stunts were intense.  When the trucks jumped over the pile of cars it was so fun and scary all at the same time.  Hayden's happiness made it all worth while.  He had an awesome time!

After Monster Jam we checked into our hotel and went straight to swim and splash the hotel swimming pool.

We had a great time splashing in the water with the Wachendorf family.  We loved hanging out with them all weekend.  We laughed so hard my abs were sore!

We used the timer on the camera to take a quick group picture before dinner.

Can you say sassy?  Oh my goodness these girls are so cute and giggly!

The kids had a fun time at Texas Roadhouse shelling and eating peanuts.  They were throwing peanuts into each others mouths.  The wait for our table was so long, but be made the best of it!

We had a late dinner, and it was such a fun night.

My sweet munchkins fell fast asleep after dinner.  They were so exhausted after a long day!

We ended the trip with a swim in the hotel pool before road tripping back to Fort Worth.
  I'm thankful for fun friends and a safe trip!


Kelli W said...

What a fun trip! Jason took Henry and Grant to Monster Jam a few years ago, but Eli has never been...I know he would love it as much as Hayden did though!

Kelli said...

Woot woot for a fun road trip. I can only imagine how loud it was but I can tell everyone had a great time.

Traci said...

Fun weekend! I remember when I was a kid my daddy would always bring my brother to the Monster Truck thing & Tractor Pulls & me & my mom would go to the mall & I'd get to pick out a new Barbie. HA!