Sunday, August 26, 2012

our last camping adventure of the summer

Last weekend we had our last camping trip of the summer.  We went to Lake Whitney and met up with another family.  They decided to take their boat and vacation at Lake Whitney which just happens to be one of our favorite lakes!  We love this particular family because we all just click!  I'm sure you know what I mean.   Anyway, this post is packed with pictures!  

This is our campsite.  It was perfect.  We had a nice breeze coming off the water.  We could see our friends in their boat as soon as they pulled up to the dock. 

Hayden and Layla usually explore and play while Gary and I set up the campsite.  Gary does all the work outside the camper, and I do all the organizing on the inside of the camper.

Standing on the table is so inappropriate. sigh.

See the boat?  Our friends are ready for us to play!

All the kids together splashing in the water.

Hayden and his best buddy Jake.

Layla and her best buddy Maya.

Ahhhh! It's boat time!

The kids ove jumping off the back of the boat and the adults love floating in the water watching our kids show off!

I love the lake and the big puffy clouds!

Hayden got so relaxed he fell asleep.  He looks like a baby boy in this picture.  He kills me.  He was OUT like a light.  Big boy was exhausted!

Becky and I decided to try out the Sting Ray.  I'm so glad we did.  IT was tons of fun and I laughed to hard the entire ride.  It was an awesome time!

One of our favorite parts of the camping trip was seeing all the deer!

Daisy thinks she's a princess.  Sometimes we have to hand feed her while we are camping. 

Layla and Gary are the only ones that can get her to do her business.  She won't potty for me while camping.  Layla walked here several times a day on the road around our campsite.  Like I said, she thinks she's a princess.  If she gets grass burrs in her fur she bites them out and they stick to the fur around her mouth.  It's too funny!  She's a mess!

Hayden got a sticker in his foot, so dad to the rescue!

Hayden decided to go through the tackle box and the tool box.  He's cranking on his foot.  I just had to take a few pictures of him.  He's a goof!

The munckins are ready to fish before the storm hits!

I loved watching the clouds and seeing the rain storms come in!

It rained all afternoon!

So we watched golf and the kids watched a movie in the camper.

Once it stopped raining we went to our friends campsite to do some fishing before dinner.

Hayden and Jake played with the remote control boat...

and Layla and Maya played with fishing worms!

Doin' a little fishin'!

Becky caught one!!!

Hayden rode the Sting Ray too!!!!  I was so proud!

We had the best weekend away camping and fishing and swimming!

I am so thankful the kids enjoy camping, or at least act like they do!  heehee!  Gary and I love it!  We will miss being able to sneak away for weekend camping trips in the fall.  Once school starts that will be hard to do!  School starts TUESDAY!

If you have reached it to the end of this post you are a rock-star.  Whew, that was long.

Have a great Sunday!


Traci said...

That Sting Ray looks fun!!!

Lauren said...

SO SO fun!!! :)

Kelli W said...

That looks like such a fun weekend! We are supposed to go camping this weekend, but things may change depending on what this darn hurricane does. I'm hoping we can still go...I want to squeeze in another beach trip before it gets too cool:)

Ashley said...

I LOVE camping. I grew up camping and those are such great memories I have. We have a fifth wheel so we go when we can. My little ones are 3 and 6 months, so I can' wait until the kids are older so we can do all the real fun camping stuff.