Friday, August 10, 2012

our week in Instagram pics

Hayden's best friend BearBear lost his body/blanket.  Layla and Hayden were tugging on him and he lost his head.  I came to the rescue and BearBear is all better now.  Poor Hayden, he cried his eyes out.  He thought BearBear was a goner.

We went on a walk and died of heat at 9 am.

I cooked pinto beans in the slow cooker.  Mmmmm.  My favorite!

Layla had a sleepover with one of her besties.  They had a blast zipping around the backyard on Hayden's four wheeler.

The kids and I road tripped to my parents house for the night.  In the soaking rain.  
We love summer rain!!

We had lunch with my mom at a little hole in the wall Mexican food restaurant.  The kids were eating lemons.  Gotta love the sour face look!

The dogs had a fun time running around my parent backyard.  Daisy Mae always enjoys playing with my parents dogs.  My parents backyard is pretty awesome.

My mom is an aesthetician.  I really should abuse her services, but I don't.  I'm scared of pain.  Not that facials and eyebrow waxes are painful.  But anyway....

She gave me my first chemical peel.  I'm excited to see the results.  Oh and it wasn't too terribly painful.  At first it burned a little, but I didn't cry too loud.  

Layla was climbing the walls.  literally. 

This dress was my mothers when she was a little girl.  She asked Layla to put it on.  Layla did.  Then she started dancing around like a crazy person.  She's a hoot.  I thought it was cute that she wore a dress that old.  Ahem, not that my mom is old. 

We met our friends at the pool for some splashing in the water.  It was only 106 degrees.  Ugh!

My munchkins took over my bed.  All three of them decided to wake me up bright and early.  I didn't mind.  They are so sweet first thing in the morning.  It's later in the day they turn grouchy and start fighting with one another.  They have fought so much this week.  Sibling stuff right?!


Unknown said...

I LOVE all of the pictures!
The kiddos are getting so big Ang. I can't get over it! I need to not go away for that amount of time again.
And I too, need to do something with these eyebrows of mine!
You're looking mighty summer-y in that picture :)
Have a great weekend! xo

Traci said...

Great pics! I can't imagine having my mom be able to give free facials & stuff & not taking advantage! Girl, what's wrong with you??? HAHA!

Kelli said...

Such fun times had by all!!