Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy July, their birthday month!!

Gosh I love these two munchkins.  

No one told me when they were born they would age.  I thought they would stay three years old forever. 

I love each of their personalities.  I love hearing their thoughts and opinions. 

I hope I'm not messing them up with my demands for a somewhat clean house.  

I hope they really do like my cooking. 

I hope when I retire they won't be embarrassed of the huge RV that will park in front of their houses to babysit my grandchildren. 

I hope they enjoy me as much as I enjoy them.  I get frustrated with them and they get frustrated with me too, but I hope we can still grow up together! 

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Amanda said...

I feel like that about my kids. I hope that we are friends when they get older, that they might really enjoy my company instead of just tolerating it.