Sunday, July 13, 2014

downtown on Sunday

We decided to head downtown this morning for the River Roar.  We were sad that the boat races were cancelled due to high winds.  I just know the kids would have loved it.

The kiddos were pretty concerned with this fire down the river.  It smelt awful and pieces of ash were flying all around.  The announcer of the races said it was a recycling plant down the river.  It's so sad.  I hope everyone was ok.

There was also a car show on Front Street.  We loved looking at some of the old cars.  Our family favorite was the 1972 model suburban.

When we got home the bottom fell out and it poured rain.  Thankfully our covered patio lets us enjoy the rain while grilling and relaxing.

The ferns got water and we sampled the beef jerky Gary made.  It was his first time and it turned out amazing.  He grilled us chicken and sausage with veggies too.

Lily Jack enjoyed laying on her bed on the porch.  She was nice and peaceful until Daisy jumped on her head and woke her up.  Those two pups fight and wrestle as much as the kiddos do! 

It was a fun Sunday for us, even if the boat races were cancelled.

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