Wednesday, October 15, 2014

all the pretty colors

This will be my third 'fall' in Ohio.  It never gets old.  I'm always in awe of the changing colors. 

This is a view looking out our back door.  I just love the yellow tree.

This is our little farm house and garage.  The trees are almost bare.  The walnuts and leaves are filling our yard to the max!

[can you see Lily the dog?]

This set of small trees is right outside my kitchen window.  I just love the bright red hues!

I was driving down the street (without the kids) and stopped to take these pictures.  They are blurry because I didn't want anyone to think I'd lost my mind stopping in the middle of the road!

I just love this orange tree!

This is one of our ginormous trees.  Our yard is blessed with many many tall tall trees.  They are pretty, but I get really tired of all the leaves on the patio.  Good gracious they pile up!

Fall in Ohio is amazing and so far the temperatures aren't too chilly!

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