Friday, October 3, 2014

he's a sweet little itchy man

Hayden's face was swollen after soccer on Sunday.  His eyes were red and he was worn out from a fun soccer game.  Why was his face swollen?  Because of the grass.  He is so allergic to grass.  It's so sad for a boy who loves being outside, but we are managing it quite nicely. 

I decided to get him gear to wear while he plays soccer and he is pretty much totally covered from neck to toe.  Hopefully this will work for keeping the grass off his legs and arms.  He was so mad at first, but he kinda digs the fun new getup now!

Gary and I are really proud of our little guy.  He's doing great in first grade.  He's loving writing.  He's learning to read and really mastering learning his sight words.  As you can see he has a style of his own.  He's learning so much on the soccer field and getting much better at playing his favorite sport.  He is the sweetest boy and I love his sweet heart.  He's very loving and thoughtful.  I'm so happy he's my little man! 

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