Friday, August 28, 2015

doozie of an itchy week

It seems like lately Friday evenings are my favorite blog time.  I'm doing good at recapping all our week full of stuff.

Monday found Hayden super itchy and with a horrible yucky rash all over his face.  We started an antibiotic for him and he still has red on his face, but the peely flaky rash is gone.  Thank goodness.  He still had a red face on Wednesday and that just happen to be school portrait day.  Good grief.  What gives? LOL!

Hayden didn't actually feel bad, so he was kind of going out of his mind buy Monday afternoon.  We read books, and played video games and snuggled and by the time Layla got home he was driving Lego cars on Lily's sleeping body.  He begged me to go play outside, but when he sweats it makes his face worse.  Eczema is no freakin' joke y'all.  Just when I feel like we have it all figured out, something new comes up with him and his skin.  We are learning and praying someday soon he will outgrow his dermatitis. 

I woke up Monday with a touch of poison something.  I didn't know what it was at first so I took a roller-ball of essential oils to my arm all day Monday.  Well looking back that wasn't the best idea.  The roller ball is now in the trash can and I have it all over and it got much worse than this photo. (you'll thank me for not posting a recent nasty pic)  I'm pretty sure I spread it and scratched it spreading it more.  I can make myself not scratch all day long, but I'm a total night scratcher.  I wake up scratching and then I can't go back to sleep.  Even with benadryl.  I look like a mess and feel the same.  I have it on both arms, my neck, face and ears.  I have it in my belly button and a touch on my foot.  

I now know that I got it on Saturday while trimming a few branches from an oak tree in the front yard.  Gary had this new trimmer tool from our neighbor and I said, "We should trim these low branches real quick, you cut and I'll bag them!"  BAD IDEA ANGIE.  Gosh I'm so mad at myself and I HURT!  Lesson learned there for sure!

Tuesday and Wednesday are blur days for me because I was so itchy and sleep deprived.  The kids busted out planks on Wednesday night and I cracked up at Daisy.  She looks like their planking coach.

Thursday night Gary got home and the angels were singing.  The kids were so happy to see their daddy and have someone home that wasn't so cranky and itchy.  Hayden gladly carried Gary's bag into the house!

Lily was happy to see dad home too and all the dogs and all the kids had a wrestle party in the basement.  I watched because no one wants to touch me lately.  hahaha!

Gary got one look at me Thursday when he got home and told me to head to the doctor on Friday morning.  You see, I tend to be an over reactor.  At times I have a little bit of hypochondriac in me.  I thought maybe I was just being a wiener and I really thought I could get better with some of Hayden's steroid cream.  Well, I was wrong.  The doctor and the nurse were nicely grossed out by me and I got a shot in the butt and and a pill and they sent me home to bed.  
I don't know if I've ever had a steroid shot, but whooaa it was wild.  I felt queasy and out of it for about 15 minutes in the the doctors office.  I also took a high dose of prescription benadryl {that was the pill} and that mixed with she shot made me coo-coo.  I drove straight home, ate a sandwich and slept until the bus dropped the kids off.  
I'm thankful for modern medicine fixing me up, but I have a sensitive system when it comes to drugs.  I swear I was seeing purple elephants floating on clouds.  I'm not looking forward to the upcoming prednizone doses, but I'm also thankful the purple elephants have left my mind. LOL!  I've taken prednizone before and it makes me clean house and organize like a mad woman. If you need me in the next 15 days I'll be cleaning and eating the house down.

We broke our Friday night dinner out habit and stayed home since I was out of it.  We played a game of family monopoly and Daisy Mae was my broker.  She knew I needed help counting my money.  Seriously, she just laid right on my stuff.  These goofy dogs.  They're the best!  Hopefully I got through this post without to many run on sentances and garbldy-goop!  Have a good weekend! ;-)

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