Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Friday once again!

We made it through another school week here in Georgia!

Rice crispy treats are the best way to start the weekend!  I'm going to try not to eat the whole pan, but I always end up eating 5 or 6 of these things until my tummy hurts and then I don't want any more.

Gary and I had the same idea for dinner.  We haven't had Mexican in ages, so we hit up our favorite spot and it didn't make me sad.  It's so good every time!

We had an early dinner and there was still tons of day light, so Layla met up with a few friends.  I decided to take a walk with Hayden and be nosey.  Just my opinion, but kids think they have the best plans, but then come to find out they are at another friends house and this momma can't handle that.   The texting and planning don't come across as they should and confusion is like whoooaa!  {I know I know, as kids we used to leave our houses at 8 am on a Saturday and not come back until dinner time.}  I'm not down with that.  I watch to many news shows and see too many kidnapping cases.  If I can keep up with my kiddos and feel comfortable that is for the better.  The second I can't find someone and I'll go all kinds of DRAMATIC on everyone.  My kids know the drama side of their momma and they prefer me more calm.   I'm thankful for mom friends in the neighborhood that I can text to keep track of ALL our kiddos.  I want to give Layla a little independence, but seriously she's 10 not 16.  We will find a balance in this area, but it will take time and trust on all our part.

This is exactly what I think of Friday night.  The week is done and emotions are always high.  Tears happen and eyes get glazed over tired from the past weeks activities.  I love easy relaxing Fridays because they are so very NEEDED!

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