Monday, August 31, 2015

lunch date and yellow furniture

Today was the first Monday Gary has had off in a few weeks, so when the kids headed to school we decided to run errands.  We enjoyed a taco lunch at Tin Lizzy's.  I enjoyed my Southern Comfort chicken taco topped with fried pickles.  Also the grilled shrimp with slaw and pumpkin seeds was on point too.  We dropped by the PGA superstore to do some golf exploring and then headed to Home Depot.

Gary and I have been working so hard on our back yard.  We have half a million trees back there and we've been working to clear the yard to make it more fun and enjoyable.  We knew we wanted to get our fire-pit area ready for fall and so we took the rest of the afternoon today to mess around in the back yard.

Gary did most of the work, because I'm shaky from the steroid pills I'm taking, but I'm getting better with my itching.  I'll take any improvements on my skin itches!  Poison Oak is no joke, but I'm thankfully getting much better.

I love the yellow and how it is bright and colorful.  We have so many sticks we gathered and we really need to burn those stacks.  We should be able to have some great bonfires while watching football!!  I love fall!!

We had a nice end to the busy month of August!  I'm excited about fall and all it brings when it comes to nature in Georgia.  Oh the leaves we'll see!

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