Sunday, December 6, 2015

birthday party fun with friends

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for one of Hayden's buddies.  The party was at Stars and Strikes and I was excited to go because we'd never been.  It was a blast!  It's such a fun place for kids and adults too.

First the kids bowled.  We have only bowled once since moving to Georgia.  In Ohio due to the cold weather we bowled almost every weekend in the fall and winter.  Here in Georgia, thankfully we play outside a lot!

Then the kids had pizza and birthday cake, but Griffen doesn't like cake.  Look what his clever momma did!  She made him a donut cake.  It turned out perfect!  I just love it!

After cake the kiddos went to play laser tag and ride in the bumper cars.  Hayden was so excited to tell me all about laser tag and then I ended up jumping into a bumper car and playing myself.  It was so fun and I couldn't stop laughing!

The kids got a card with game credits and they loved playing the fun games in the arcade area.

Layla and Hayden are headed into the laser maze.  It seemed fun, but the kids conquered it fast than they would have liked.  Gary was able to join us towards the end of the party!  He worked most of the day and then wanted to check out Stars and Strikes.  I think one of his dealerships is planning to have their party there next weekend.

We are so thankful for fun friends and are thrilled we got to help Griffen celebrate turning 8!

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