Saturday, February 20, 2016

a fast and furious beach trip

Oh my goodness look at that view of the ocean!

I've never been to a Florida beach, and I'm happy to say that now I have!!!  The white sandy beaches do not disappoint!

We got to the beach in the late afternoon and we explored and played.  The water was cold and the wind was chilly, but we didn't care!

I couldn't wait to put my toes in the Florida sand.

After a fun trip to the beach the kids dove into the heated swimming pool!  It wasn't warm enough for me, but they had a blast while I watched a couple get married!

I got teary eyed because Gary and I got married on the beach 15 years ago. It was a special time for us and I know that couple will have so much fun in their 15 years ahead!

The sunset was gorgeous and look how large that sun is!

Balcony selfie!  Woohoo!

We went to the Crab Trap for dinner and it was delicious.  I'm laughing just thinking about our initial seating arrangement.  The kids were annoyed with the loud screaming kids seated near us.  Also the hostess sat us right with all the other people in the place.  We wanted to sit together without sitting on top of other people.  The kids asked to move!  How funny.  They are serious about their restaurant atmosphere.  We moved to the closed patio area and enjoyed the peace and quiet!

We had a wonderful meal, minus Hayden choking on a mozzarella stick.  The cheese was so dang stringy.  You gotta watch that melty cheese. ;)

We woke up to an amazing sunrise and the sound of waves crashing.  The wind was much more calm and our morning stroll on the beach was awesome.  The kids played in the sand for a few hours before they dove into the swimming pool again.  

Hayden got his cardio in for the day!

We had to head out to get back to Atlanta to relieve our pet sitter. She took care of our dogs all week long.  We wish we could have stayed in Florida longer, but we are grateful for the time we had! 

  We had a great winter break visiting Texas and Florida.  I'm thankful God blessed us with safe travels and wonderful adventures.  He also blessed us with an awesome pet sitter and that peace of mind is worth more than you can imagine.  I missed those fur babies and am happy to be back home on the couch with them!

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