Thursday, February 11, 2016

icy day ...yay!


The kids were so thrilled that it snowed all day on Tuesday!  They were at school and got to play outside on the playground while it was snowing.

I was home alone with the pups watching the huge flakes fall.  I kept wondering if school would be released early, but it wasn't.  

The snow piled up just as fast as it melted, but school was cancelled on Wednesday.  I was shocked, but the roads had to be back after all the snow on the roads on Tuesday night.

The kiddos couldn't wait to get on the icy trapoline!

They bundled up snug as bugs and jumped all the snow flakes away.  There were clumps of ice left over and they had fun tossing those all around the yard and at the windows!  I almost had a freak attack!  Hayden has quite the arm and I thought he was going to bust out a window.  :o

 Thankfully the kids are back in school today and since we've only had two bad weather days this year they still get the full week off next week for winter break.  I'm not even kidding....these kiddos get more breaks!   Spring break is the first week of April! 

Hope you are staying warm!

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