Thursday, April 21, 2016

doin' a little pickin'

I am super duper proud of Layla and her sudden love for guitar.  She has a six week music class at school and they are learning to play.  She is loving it and yesterday she rushed into the house after school to play me a clip of this song!

She also has a very important decision to make between now and Monday.  She's had a few weeks to decide her elective next year for 6th grade.  She can pick art, choir, orchestra or band.  Last week she was leaning towards band and playing the flute, but now she is leaning towards choir.  She's hoping to also take private guitar lessons too.  I'm thrilled for her to have so many cool music choices.

    Gary has wanted to learn to play guitar for years and she is teaching him a few things here and there!  It's cute to see them learning together.  

I'm so bummed I can't get the video to work. Grrrrr!  

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DUTA said...

You should, indeed, be proud of Layla. She has made her musical choice (guitar playing) and she'll be good at it.